It was in the year 2005 when GetMinted Bingo initially joined the scene online, enabling it not to look back since then. It is one of the very first sites that are launched by the popular Cashcade group, which is also the company behind the inimitable Foxy Bingo. While GetMinted Bingo might be a site founded by Cashcade, it may not still reach the same heights or standing achieved by Fox. This site is powered by the Globalcom/888 software and is a segment of the network under the name of Dragonfish.

Entering the World of GetMinted Bingo

The GetMinted Bingo’s homepage is quite appealing with its backdrop in black color and dominating pink color scheme. Upon visiting its homepage, you will view some quick link tabs that include play bingo, preview games, bingo, instant win, casino, TV game show, support, sign up and getting started. Since the site is running on the power of flash player software, right after you’ve signed up for it, you can expect to be ready for playing bingo instantly and directly from the browser window.

The registration process in this bingo site is also quite simple. It is relatively simple requesting you to key in some of your personal information, which may include your name and address. You will also be asked to choose your playing name or password. If you browse further below the provided form, you will be asked to enter your debit or credit card details. You may skip entering such information at this point and still be able to accomplish your registration with GetMinted if you like.

If you want to check out the available bingo games offered by GetMinted Bingo, you should be able to accomplish this with a simple step. You can identify those GetMinted bingo games by just launching the window for bingo game and going to the free bingo page without having to make any initial deposit. Under the list of free bingo, you will find there 2 free rooms. One of the rooms may only be entered by funded players, while the other one is completely free for everyone. Therefore, you may want to visit the one that is completely free and start playing bingo to the content of your heart.

Here, you will be able to play a 75-ball and 90-ball bingo on which there are a number of different open bingo rooms you can choose from. Above all these, there is an offered regular jackpot and a £1 jackpot room hosting its entire huge money games. Slots and instant wins are manifold in this bingo site. Fortunately, thanks to the fixed game feature that now enables you from playing quite several mini games within similar browser window like bingo. This allows you from playing not just one game at a time but more at once. It is possible without you having to continue changing between screens.

Even though, this bingo site is not that thriving just like other popular ones, it can guarantee to provide you just what you want. Hence, if you want an enjoyable bingo game, looking at the features of GetMinted Bingo should be an ideal choice.

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